Speak Clearly: Perspectives on psoriasis

Meet Dr. Laura Savage

“With medical advancements, clear skin is within the reach of many people with psoriasis. I look forward to sharing personal experiences and advice from my own practice in order to help more patients have clear conversations with their dermatologists and raise their expectations of what is possible with their treatment goals.” – Dr. Laura Savage

Her story: Dr. Savage has been a dermatologist since she completed her postgraduate training after graduating from the University of Edinburgh School of Medicine in 2005. After seeing a dermatologist herself in her teens, she understood first-hand the physical and emotional difference that could be made by considered, effective treatment and knew that this was the career she wanted to pursue.  

Years later, Dr. Savage is a widely published dermatologist that has been internationally recognized for her work in psoriasis and other dermatological conditions. As a member of several prestigious dermatological associations, she continually works to advance research and care for those suffering from the burden of psoriasis. Today, Dr. Savage continues to regularly see psoriasis patients, further fueling her passion for continuing to improve care, and always strives to get each patient aligned with the right choice, considering every person as an individual. Dr. Savage also strives to incorporate innovative techniques such as motivational interviewing to empower patients to make lifestyle choices that will further support their long-term goals.

With her years of experience helping patients navigate life with psoriasis, Dr. Savage knows the importance of setting and working towards clear goals – and how a strong partnership between a dermatologist and their patient can help improve care. She remains committed to taking an active role in educating and empowering patients so they can feel free from their psoriasis.

Her Speak Clearly goals: Provide a dermatologist’s perspective on how having clear conversations and co-creating treatment plans can help reach a patient’s individual goals.

Get clear with your doctor

You deserve to feel confident in your skin, but how do you have a clear conversation about your psoriasis goals with your doctor? Sometimes speaking up can be the hardest part.

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Your voice makes a difference

Be clear about your goals. The power to speak up, feel confident and demand the best care is within you. Sharing your story could be your next step to feeling free from psoriasis—and possibly inspire others to do the same.

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