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Welcome to, managed by AbbVie. is a digital platform that delivers tools of support and empowerment for people living with psoriasis. We welcome you to share your personal experience with psoriasis with our community and ask that you follow these Community Guidelines.

Please remember that we work in a highly regulated industry with unique legal considerations. We are not allowed to engage in sensitive topics or discussions about our products, other companies’ products or treatment options. These discussions are best held in private with a healthcare professional. For this reason, we will not be able to publish story submissions that:

  • Name AbbVie or other companies’ products
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  • Contain personal information of others, like the names of individuals, email addresses, phone numbers, personal photos or videos
  • Contain proprietary, confidential, sensitive or nonpublic information
  • Violate copyrights or other intellectual property rights
  • Are commercial in nature with an intent to sell products and services, or recruit fans and followers to other social communities
  • Contain information that is false, inaccurate or misleading
  • Are excessively repetitive and/or disruptive to the community

Once you have submitted your story you will receive an automated email advising you that a member of the Let Me Be Clear team will be in touch within the next two weeks.

When your story has been reviewed by the Let Me Be Clear team you will either:

  • Receive an email to say that your story has been posted on; or
  • Receive an email that explains why the story cannot be accepted or if edits are required.

Submitted stories that are published to are not an indication of AbbVie’s endorsement of the content’s author, nor is it an indication that we are engaged in a business relationship with the content’s author.

Using and storing personal identifying information

AbbVie will only share stories, including any personal data on, with your consent. Please note that in the case any post relates to a side effect or product issue, we will need to store and use your personal data, such as your name, location, health-related information or similar information, in accordance with applicable laws. This information may be required to be submitted to the the applicable AbbVie departments and/or regulatory authorities. We may also store your personal data for auditing purposes. AbbVie’s use of your personal data is subject to AbbVie’s Privacy Notice, which can be reviewed here. Further, you may be contacted by AbbVie for further information related to the safety issue reported, including the details of your healthcare professional and your consent to follow up.

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